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Elisabetta Canalis is usually referred to as George Clooney’s beautiful Italian girlfriend; but in Italy, she  goes by the ever-popular label of “actress/model.” She is  famous for her acting roles in her native country, where fans affectionately call her  “Eli”. Most Americans are more familiar with this gorgeous stunner as a magazine model; she has appeared in both Maxim and GQ ; and is a Roberto Cavalli lingerie model.

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Now she gets the chance to show off her acting chops with a five-episode guest starring role on the third season of the television drama, Leverage. Elisabetta will play a femme fatale known simply as “The Italian,” a tough chick who hassles Timothy Hutton’s main character, Nathan Ford, a former insurance investor-turned-present-day Robin Hood on a mission to bring down the powerful and corrupt.  According to the show’s producers, Elisabetta’s perfectly-named Italian character is a “shadowy intelligence agent” who, in the season premiere, blackmails Nathan into helping him bring down a financier.

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